Under the direction of the Senior Pastor, the membership is supported by a diaconate ministry staff. The Church Diaconate consists of Associated Ministers, Deacons and Deaconess. The role of this group is to minister to members seeking spiritual support and guidance. Tabernacle has a “Deacon of the Week” program and a prayer ministry. Both can be contacted by calling the church office.

The Core Leadership Team (CLT) is a group of lay members appointed by the Senior Pastor to manage the administrative and operational duties of the church. The team members are congregants charged with serving as a resource for ministry leaders by providing direction, helping resolve issues and offering leadership training & development. In addition, the CLT assesses and responds to the needs of the church body.

Accountable to the Senior Pastor and led by the Church Administrator, the CLT focuses on the development and implementation of church administration goals consistent with the God-given vision of the Pastor. Specific responsibilities include policy development, staff management, facilities maintenance, strategic communications, public engagement/community involvement, finance & business administration and special projects. Each of the CLT members coordinate individual task assignments within the team structure and prayerfully propose new initiatives for the strengthening of Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church.

Reverend Dr. Robert L. Manaway Sr.
Overseer Jessica P. Manaway

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